2018 December - Italy, Mantua, Venice, Romagna

January 2, 2019

When we go back to Italy for Christmas, we come back to the UK that we are usually even more tired than when we left.

But, is "tired" the right word to describe the feeling of when you arrive home after having driven around northen Italy for a good 400 miles with your belly full of ALL the food.


It has been beautiful though, we have visited places I long wanted to go! and Mantua was one of those!

We found fog most of the time, but this is what the Po Valley looks like when it is winter, and I wouldn't know any different. 

 A poor cyclist in the fog (very dangerous!)



In Mantua, we visited Palazzo Te, with its beautiful mannerist frescoes by Giulio Romano (definitely worth a visit!!!) 

 And this is just a picture of my husband being incredibly and naturally handsome.

 After a couple of days in Mantua, we went to Venice to see some old friends.... it was freezing cold but at least there was some sun to welcome us! 

 We have seen fantastic sunsets with the light mirroring on the water of the salt evaporation ponds. Just magic! This picture was taken when we were on our way to Cesenatico (in the Emilia Romagna region)

 ...and since we were in the region where my husband comes from, we took the chance to have a special lesson from his auntie. She has magically agreed to give us lessons on how to make tortellini! So we have put our aprons on and started making ZILLIONS of tortellini! Look at her, the sassiness. 

And they came out quite good!

I shall put the recipe on here at some point! 



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