2018 November - Italy, Feltre

November 21, 2018

Last weekend I went back to Italy to see some family and friends, it was freezing cold but I managed to stay warm. Very recently, a wave of bad bad weather has hit the region I am from (here the link to the reportage from the CNN) and some of my friends have been badly affected by it, with rooftops that have just flown away and found a few days later being brought by the river, or left with no electricity and no drinking water for days.

Despite these tragic events, I got the train and went to the lovely town I once used to go to school to, its name is Feltre and it is in a wonderful location, where the first heights of those mountains called Dolomites begin.


Piazza Maggiore, Feltre (BL) - Wikipedia


Piazza Maggiore, Feltre (BL) - Wikipedia



During the visit, I went to see the shop of an old friend of mine, that after being around the world to study and work, has decided to settle in her hometown and open the loveliester of the loveliest yarn shop! 

This amazing woman entepreneur is Francesca, and it has been an honour to see what she has created, there are not many brave people around these days and I truly admire what she does (also, she is about to have a baby and I wish her all the best in the world!).


This is where to find her shop, https://www.facebook.com/lalanaeifilo



She has got all the best organic yarns, so good I literally struggled to choose amongst all the colours available. 


 Like, I have spent hours trying to find what i wanted! I don't know how it all fitted in my suitcase!


At the end, I have opted for some Bc Garn, Semilla Flamé, 100% organic wool. I couldn't resist that softness and I bought 3 different colours, a beautiful deep fuchsia, a light grey and a lovely navy blue.

I don't know what to do with it yet, but I am sure i will sort something out!




She has got LOADS!!!!!!!!!



 A much needed selfie! 


After an afternoon spent chatting and browing my friend's yarns, I took my train to go back home. It was years since I have been to Feltre, and I remember it exactly how it was....cold!

My father used to take me there ice-skating, a lot of my best memories belong to that town, so now that I can back to Italy more often, I will do my best to pay a visit and enjoy the time there and the views!



See ya!





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