2018 September - Italy, Sardinia

September 18, 2018

It was a well deserved holiday, the one I took in the past week! 
I wasn't particularly happy with my day job and i have decided it was about time to quit for good. Surprinsigly, once you shut a door behind you, many other open at the same time and you can't wait to move forward! 

But, what is the best thing to do before starting a new life? 

Going on holiday of course!


We bought the cheapest flight we could find and from London we have flown straight to Cagliari, Sardinia, in Italy.


After these last 5 years in the UK, what I really miss about my summers in Italy, is the extreme heat, and then the sweat, yes, the mosquitoes, and the lazy calm after work, when the afternoon becomes evening, and then when the evening becomes night and you are still there with your friends, chatting around, laughing and joking.

And when you are on holiday, the sun simply devours everything and the sky is bright blue and you just have to get used to the suffocating heat. Oh, yes. If I close my eyes, I can steel feel that heat!






                    Yes, I have no style on a daily basis, when i am on holiday it can only get worse!


As soon as we got to Sant'Antioco, I found out that an exhibition about the Bisso yarn had just ended. I remember I saw some videos some time ago while scrolling my facebook page, and I got very interested in it, so I decided to get in touch with the artist.


Here, you can learn more about the Bisso, which is the name for the Sea-silk.


So, long story short I have met Marianna Pischedda, a very powerful woman who welcomed me in her house and showed to me how to do it! I am not very good with spinning yarn I might say, but she is so experienced and extremely inspiring...so I think I might enroll to some course next year!



  This is the mussel where the sea-silk used to be found (now it is forbidden to collect it from the sea), it is huge! Something like 50cm long! Usually this type of mussel is mainly buried in the sand, and only the top is visibile.

 La Signora Marianna also hand dyes all the sea-silk by herself with natural dyeing.  She is a pro!


And then we visited the surroundings of Cagliari, with the old abandoned industrial buildings connected to the mining areas, that have now become an open air museum and it is particularly interesting to visit, especially if you are interested in architecture and you got sunburnt and you can't go to the beach :)






It was also fantastic to discover the beautiful artwork by Assuntina and Giuseppina Pes, two sisters whom I didn't have the chance to meet, but that I would love to meet next time I will go there! They are weavers and their inspiration is the typical sardinian folk design.




That's it for today!

See you!!!



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