What else colud you do on a Bank Holiday weekend if not visiting a part of the world you have never been to?

Hello North Wales!

We went up to Mount Snowden and as soon as we got up to the summit, the nasty clouds that were surrounding us had been carried away from the wi...

How beautiful was Spain this weekend! Enjoyed every moment of it!

Obviously, as you can see from the pictures, there wasn't a single cloud in the sky!

I am in my hotel room here in Warsaw and it's been snowing today. Yes, it's freezing cold outside! 
I love being here, though. Everywhere you go there will be a cup with freshly made soup to warm up your heart and God knows, polish food is second to no other else's foo...

When we go back to Italy for Christmas, we come back to the UK that we are usually even more tired than when we left.

But, is "tired" the right word to describe the feeling of when you arrive home after having driven around northen Italy for a good 400 miles with your b...

Last weekend I went back to Italy to see some family and friends, it was freezing cold but I managed to stay warm. Very recently, a wave of bad bad weather has hit the region I am from (here the link to the reportage from the CNN) and some of my friends have been badly...

Finally I had some new pictures taken by the very talented photographer Cara Heath, such a pleasure to work with her! 

Here are some good shots, that I will soon use for the new website that hopefully will be ready soon!

It was a well deserved holiday, the one I took in the past week! 
I wasn't particularly happy with my day job and i have decided it was about time to quit for good. Surprinsigly, once you shut a door behind you, many other open at the same time and you can't wait to mo...

Awwfff What a Winter Season! C.R.A.Z.Y.!

I have now some time to refresh the website with some of the pictures I have been taken by the fantastic photographer Diana Oliveira! She has been helping me styling the whole  new range of cushions and accessories for the home s...

At the end of August a beautiful couple of Philosophers and Photographers came to visit and asked me some questions.

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