My name is Martina, LaMartiz, and I am the one who designs, finds the materials, makes, models, trades and sends the parcels here and I am one of those crazy people who strongly believes that life is not about waiting around whilst looking for options!  Instead, for me, life is about creating your very own option.

Here is my option: my brand is about creating everything you need to have a cosier and warmer life, inside and outside of your home, thinking about your comfort and style.

The things I like and the inspirations I've got are so many it’s going to be hard to make a complete a list! I have an addiction for yarns, colours, art, history, politics, films, drawing, stationery, trees… and good food!

Born in1982, in a small town between Venice and the Dolomites, I graduated Foreign Languages and International Business in Venice and Padua, studied Social Media in Cardiff Universit, I got myself a dressmaking diploma, I am usually extremely curious to try or learn new things, I love travelling and reading books about art. These books have given me the chance to learn more about the colourful European folklore or the Scandinavian patterns, I love to mix the maximalism and the traditions of my home country, Italy, together with the northern minimalism.

I don’t think there must be a limit on the style, as long as it is your very own and unique way of expression.

Everything I make is designed and created here in my home studio in the heart of Cardiff, in this green and wet welcoming Wales, that has become my new comfort zone!


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